Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana Live

How lucky can these girls get? We arrived at the concert ready for the Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana action! (click on picture to see larger image)

Seated in front of us were four adults and no children?? Leave it to me to notice and ask them...."you all like the Cheetah Girls so much as to come out and see them without having any children with you??? I continued on to say, "girl if it were not for my Praline I'd be at home preparing for work."

She responded with the sweetest smile by saying, "it's just that we wanted to come out and see my niece perform." The girls lost it and immediately knew she had to be the aunt of Aqua!

She after I took my foot out of my mouth the aunt laughed and accepted our invitation to take a picture with the girls (top left). The conversation continued with jolly laughter between us all.

What started out as a simple friendly question landed us backstage passes to meet the Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana. The "sweet aunt" thought our girls were such nice girls and loved their excitement, she saved the surprise for last because we would have never gotten through he concert with them thinking about meeting the Hannah and The Cheetah Girls!

I'm known for always talking to any body and taking for ever to finish up the conversation but this is one time Praline did not have any complaints. By the end of the night (12:30 and school the next morning) Praline thought I was the BEST MOM in the whole world. (Honestly though, I don't think beats my first concert at 15..Parliment and Funkadelic in Baton Rouge, LA.)

That all went out the door after I told her to clean her room today! Such short term memory but she cleaned that room though. LOL

We had a great time and I must tell you all Hannah Montana has such a personal touch with children, she issued compliments and hugs to our girls!!!! Big shout out to Hannah Montana!!! Posted by Picasa


Detra said...

Oh my goodness what a funny story! But big up's to you for being so friendly, I can imagine how your daughter felt, having the opportunity to get up and close with them, and all because Mommie, talks to everyone! sweet! She is such a cutie too!

Sister-in-Locks said...

This is one of those memories that will last forever. Kudos mom! There is no way I can tell my daughter about this. She wanted to go.

You are a great mom!

Brenda said...

That is so great! I would love for my daughter to have attended that concert - She's into both of them and has already seen the Cheetah Girls' 2nd movie about 4 times. I'm still looking for an appropriate concert for her to go to as her first one. Maybe they'll come to Philly. And on the hair angle, Praline's hair looks too cute in that cap!

Chi-chi said...

What a great story! My nieces love Hannah Montana and the Cheetah girls. I can only imagine their excitement. Way to go Mom!

cheleskilove said...

my boyz love them all!lol! And I can see myself 'getting' through a Disney concert too. For the love of children, I tell ya! This is too precious!

Bygbaby said...

the CG's drive me crazy but my grls love them. To grown for me.