Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nappy Tool Follow-Up

I've received several email questions about the Nappy N Happy Tool (my tool of choice) and thought I'd do a follow-up from my previous post.
To the far left is the SL Hook Tool, middle is the Medium Nappy Tool and far right is the Small Nappy Tool. I have both Nappy sizes because my locks in the back are larger than the locks in the front of my head.

Adonna, I could not respond directly to you because your email came through as anonymous:

Hello LaChanda: First off, just want you to know that I am enjoying your blog quite a lot! It has a friendly and laid back "feel". Since you are familiar w/doing loc maintainance w/this tool can you explain in more detail how exactly to use the Nappy Locs tool? I'm looking for a "once the tool is in your hand, place your loc here, pull/twist then do xyz" sort of answer (if you're up to sharing that type of detailed info) :).

I've used the latchook to maintain my roots but, I'm looking for something that is a bit more fool- proof. My issue w/the latchhook is that I sometimes end up grabbing nearby locks or get the hook tangled in my roots. I've started to buy the Nappylock tool several times but I guess that I'm looking for a little reassurance that the Nappylocs tool is easier to use than a latchhook. Also, have you ever run into any problems in using the tool that you could elaborate on? Using the latchhook if one is not careful one can end creating a "hole" in the newgrowth part of the lock which can be undone if found early. Are there any similar pitfalls to lookout for in using the Nappy locs tool? If the answers are somewhere else please redirect me.

Thank you and God bless, Adonna Adonna when I tell you I "Love" the Nappy Tool I mean it with all of my heart. The demo pics are the best I could do to show you and others how easy it is. (Hope the pics are good enough)

I'm pictured here retightening Pralines (my 11 year old daughter) locks and it takes me about 2 1/2 hours to do hers and about 3 hours to do mine.

You feed the lock through the open end of the tool, then you feed the tail end of the tool in the direction of your beginning pattern and pull the tail end through, you continue in your pattern until you have a full rotation. Its' that easy, no fuse and no hassel with holding the tool a certain way so that other locks are combined. I must admit though, the only problem I have is that I love retightening so much that sometimes I don't have enough growth for a full rotation so I have to settle myself down and be more patient so that I don't retighten too often. That's it! I think every locked sister should have the Nappy Tool because it's wonderful for emergancy situation when you need a quick front edge touch up. Go out and order yours today! Addendum: The SL hook tool was just too tiresome to my hands and wrists because I have Carpal Tunnel. I found that the Nappy tool was so much easier and I did not hurt afterwards. Posted by Picasa


Brenda said...

Following someone's post in the Spring (probably yours)I got the Nappylocks tool even though I really like my latchhook. I tried it on my daughter (about 400 locks), but I just didn't like it and it didn't seem to make the session(s) go any faster. How are you getting your and Praline's hair done so quickly??!! I've got to give it another try.

Tra said...

I have to tell you that I also really like the Nappylock tool. However I have nothing to compare it to because it is the ONLY tool I have ever used to retighten. I sampled the clip tool (sisterlock tool) once and it was very hard on my fingers and I just tried it on one lock.
I also say thanks to LC for showing me how to use this tool!

Karla from OK said...

Thanks for that LaChanda. I plan on taking the SL retightening class in Jan or Feb once i get to the 6 months mark and i must admit that i'm intimidated about doing my own retightenings. I live in Oklahoma so it isn't feasible for me to continue to drive to Dallas every 6 weeks. I was wondering are you still using your SL pattern while using the Nappy Lock tool?

Does the NL tool come with instructions and will it be more difficult for me to follow my SL pattern using the NL tool?

Thanks so much for your help.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

I believe I love retightening so much that I have developed speed along with my love for the sessions.

You are so welcome my sistah!

Oh yes, I most certainly do use my Reverse 4 SL pattern with the Nappy tool because it's the pattern that makes SL's not the tool itself.

Yes, the tool does come with instructions and you can also buy the video tape from Nappy N Happy that shows you how to use the tool. The SL hook tool was just to tiresome to my hands and wrists because I have Carpal Tunnel. I found that the Nappy tool was so much easier and I did not hurt afterwards.

Hope this helps!

Sister-in-Locks said...

You know I am not one who likes to retighten my own hair but when I do the nappytool is the tool of choice.

Goodnapps said...

With this post LaChanda - I believe you have finally made a believer out of me. I just made a committment to myself to order this tool by end of year.

sharon said...

My nappy tool arrived today and I just had to break it in. I tried it on a few of my sisterlocks and I LOVE IT!!! I ordered the small tool, but may have to order the medium size for the back. I'm very pleased with my decision to purchase the NLT!

Anonymous said...

I have had the tool for about a year now and it great! The kit can be ordered that comes with the 5 minute demonstration CD and Book. The locks are tighter which allows for more versatility, flexibility in hair styles, i.e., including use of hair rollers and giving the sisterlock look.Caveat: it is quicker than the latch hook, however, propensity to knot the lock is greater, and increased possibility of tying two locks together.

Vee said...

A few of the Boston Consultants got together in late September
(no usb cord so it's like not having a frigin camera) and we had this discussion seems like the NP tool got rave reviews for self retightenings.
I'm a hook tool lover and not only because I'm supposed to be lol, I just find it much quicker for my clients.
Very good post!


SistaLocd said...

Thanks for sharing this post. My husband wants to get locks, and he wants me to start them, I'm very interested in using this method!

Anonymous said...

I first tried the latch hook to tighten my SL, but I sometimes would snag surrounding hairs. I next ordered the nappy tool and it did the job, but it was too slow for me. Finally I decided to try a crochet hook. I find this method to be fast and easy. I can now retighten by feel alone. Instructions can be found at said...

Hello LaChanda,
I really, really appreciate your input on the Nappy tool. It's very informing. Can you elaborate a little on the different type of locing patterns? Any advice would greatly appreciated.

Be Blessed

Anonymous said...


I sent you an email sometime ago about the Nappyloc tool...I have since still have not retightened with it but with all the rave reviews..I will order it today and let you know how it goes...Thanks so much for the input, I can't wait.

Lockitup Group

Anonymous said...

I finally used my nappyloc tool and I love it...I retightened a few locks this evening and WOW!! I just love it...I couldnt figure out what the smaller hole was for when I first started but then discovered that it "locks" the loc in place so that it doesn't slip when you feed the loc using the sl pattern...Thank you for such an informative review..I am so hooked..It looks like I might like retightening after all...

Lockitup group

Thanks a million

Afrowoman said...

I've been using the nappylocs tool for a year. And i love it. It's small, easy and quick. I'm going to lock my husbands hair with it when his hair is long enough.

It's the best kept secret in the locking world.
I'm glad you posted this so people can make an informed decision to use either the latchhook or the nappylocs tool or whatever they prefer. Thanks for the pics.


Loc'd Mom said...


I have been reading your blog for "forever." Here's my question. Would I be able to retighten my Sisterlocks using the Nappy Tool without taking the retightening class? Advice?

Creyole said...

Loc'd Mom,
Thanks for checking in on my blog!

Oh please, yes you would but you will need to know your lock pattern and I'm not sure your consultant will share that without you taking the class.

However, the nappytool is very easy to use and almost common sense to figure out. You may want to order the Nappytool book and toolkit just to help you get started.


Loc'd Mom said...

Thank you for responding. I feel like I can maintain my own hair, but I am a bit intimidated by the process. What if it too overwhelming? (I can braid twist, etc.). I have had my locs almost as long as you have (July 2005). I think I may order the Nappytool and kit and give it a try.

I never knew that my "loc pattern" was such a secret. What if I wanted to change consultants? After is my hair.

Charizma00 said...

Mrs. Creyole, your blog has been so inspirational to me. After reading this blog I went and bout the nappylocs tool and plan to maintain my sisterlocks with it after mine are installed sometime this month. I thank you so much for sharing your journey with us all, you and your beautiful daughter. I can only hope to maintain my hair as well as your have maintained yours and others.

nubian queen said...

hi name is alaere from nigeria.fantastic blog.keep up the good all are not alone in the quest of accepting who and what we are.i have had sisterlocks since wasnt an easy decision to go natural.people thougt there was something wrong with me.i got a lot of nasty snide remarks from people telling me how 'not gorgeous'i had become.of course it fell on deaf ears.i have also recently ordered my nappyloc tool and hope it gets here soon,cos i cant wait to use with my hair grown touching a bit of my back,they all want some.i managed to recruit 2 of my friends to lock their.they love sister,sisterloc rules!i salute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Creyole! Thank you for the information on the Nappyloc tool. I'm thirteen weeks locked, and need to start doing my own maintenance. I am ordering the nappyloc tool today. My consultant told me that my pattern is four (she says it is the tightest pattern). What does that mean for my retightening? I don't know much about which direction I should start; all I know is that it has to be a four point rotation. Does it matter if the pattern I put in is different from the one that she started?
Thanks so much! Keep up the blogging; it is so helpful!

Anonymous said...


I am a fellow sisterlocker and I did my first retightening recently. It took me like three days, but I was pleased with myself for seeing it through to the end. I'm not as happy with the results as I am when I go to get it retightened though. I was wondering if the nappy tool gives better results. Does it make the locks tighter? Also there is apparently a new tool that "sisterlocks" is giving out now. So I didn't even get the hook that you have here in this post. It's a little instrument that's almost impossible to use. My fingers still hurt just thinking of it lol. I think your blog is very cool btw.


Anonymous said...

can you let me know how to purchase a locking tool?
Can you email me the information please.

Lyric said...

Thank you for this inspiring thread. I purchased the Nappy Locks Tool Kit but I am anxious about self-maintaining. I had hoped to not begin doing so until having my locks for at least six months; however, I am under employed and can not afford to take the course or continue to pay my wonderful SL consultant.

Threads like this are a goddess-send and I do thank you.


Michelle said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog. I have had sisterlocks for about 3 years, and my loctician just abandoned me with no advice about how to care for my hair. I can't believe it's taken me this long to search the internet for better help than what I could find on the SL site. I've been purchasing (and losing) the SL clip tool repeatedly for years (the sixth and last one just fell deep into the frame of my couch). I refuse to buy another set of clip tools. I'm considering a crochet hook, but I'm not sure. I was really fast with the clip tool, but I definitely have damaged my locs. I've learned online that my loctician was latching my hair, and not well. I've lost about 12 locs, the temple hair has just regrown. I've braided it and now I'm trying to find a way to revive my sisterlocks and CAREFULLY retighten them so that I don't lose any more. I am certain I don't want to use the latchook, I've read too much about damage that looks just like mine with that.

I do need to share though that I saw a video on You Tube of a woman who made her own NappyL tool using paperclips, pliers, and masking tape. I wish I could afford to have a pro fix my hair right now, but I'm going the paperclip route for now. Wish me luck and, thank you SO MUCH for sharing.

Pearl said...

To those who may have doubts about using the NappyLoc Tool. The tool is great I used to twist my locs and then switched to using the tool. It is really easy to use. I started my sister's locs with the tool and she is maintaining them on her own with the nappyloc tool. We love it and it is so simple and easy to use.

If you are doubting just give it a try.

Anonymous said...

So where do i go to order the tool?

Dyfrent Wann said...
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