Monday, October 09, 2006

Lots o Locks at the State Fair of Texas!

While visiting the fair we came across this awesome show called "African Acrobats," if you look real close you'll see that each and everyone of them has locks!!

When we stopped to see them perform, Praline said "mom, look they all have locks!" We both celebrated as they continue to do unbelievable stunts.

Most of the guys have mature locks but two of them are just starting out. There were six in all.
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Goodnapps said...

I can tell you all had a lovely time. Nice photos indeed. And we see you LaChanda looking all snazzy in your hair tie.

Detra said...

beautiful brothas with beautiful locks! Look at your lil one, taking notice to locked hair...that is awesome!

Jen said...

I was excited too to see them all with locs. I found myself walking around the fair with my hubby looking at everyone's head that seem to look like it was their natural tresses :)

I have been SL'd two weeks, and I am addicted the the lifestyle... :)