Sunday, November 06, 2005

Playing Pin The Hair Up

Here I am playing "pin the hair up," I so love the way many sisters wear their locks pinned up and it took me at least 30 - 45 minutes to get something up that I felt comfortable wearing out for the day. To my surprise, it turned out pretty nice. Although, this was the best I could do to work my "up do" I feel better about trying other styles. I used a couple of long hair pins to keep my thick stuff in place. I picked them up at one of the booths in the local mall shown below.

I'm a week away from my six month (time passes quickly) mark and I'm still loving every moment of my journey. Some days are challenging because I started with 8 - 9 inches of natural hair and because of my BUNCHING and I am probably still at 8 -9 inches. In my case, because I have semi-curly hair my locks seem to bunch after each wash. The length is not really the main concern; it's the several ugly locks that "I" see here and there. So, the ugly locks are more of a challenge for me because I must learn to be patient and let them develop into their own little personalities. Just my little way of seeing the big picture!

The one noticeable good thing is that my locks that were separating after each wash are now locked in. My consultant "Ms. Elaine" washes and retightens my hair while wet so each problem lock is now tightly in place. Retightening while my hair is wet feels much better than getting retightened while my hair is dry because my/our hair is much softer when it's wet.

Again, I stated in my previous post about how much I love my SL's and how I wish I would have started my SL journey earlier, so now instead of looking in the past I'm now focused on the future. Each day I awake I'm so thankful that am FREE!!!


Tra said...

Hey lady! Stopped but to check you out. I like your pin up has a funky look to it!

Tra (Tiffany)

Sharon said...

Wish I could find some of those pins...they are so nice! Your hair is beautiful, happy to hear you are loving each stage even though it can be challenge at times, I know :-).

S/L 23 months

brunsli said...

Your pinup is really cute! I just treated myself to some pins this weekend, and you've inspired me to try this look too. I had planned to use the pins just for decoration.