Sunday, October 09, 2005

DFW Sisterlock Brunch

Whew......I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to be in the presence of so many beautiful sisterlocked sista's. If the Sisterlock Reunion is anything like this I am "so there" next year. To begin, upon arrival at the Blue Mesa Grill I opened the door there stood Maryee, Jen and Tiffany. I immediately knew who Maryee and Jen were and once Tiffany introduced herself we all stood hugging and greeting one another. We then proceeded upstairs to be seated and there was Blaqkofi (Shirley), we all knew her from her well-known blog and the hugs started all over again. As we waited to be seated, more DFW Sisterlockers began to stroll in and each time someone walked in we all pulled out the cameras and started flashing away! One young lady could not help herself, she was so taken by our hair that she stopped and asked Shirley for information. Well, that just kicked off the recruitment process and Shirley began to explain the whole procedure as the young lady stood in amazement. (Tiffany, Jen, Blaqkofi & Maryee pictured above)

**Don't forget to click on each pic to get a close up**

We were seated and there was not a quiet moment at the table as we all got to know one another on a more personal level. I sat next to Jen, Beverly, Blaqfoki and Tiffany and the conversations we had about hair, God, family and relationships will forever be remembered. (Beverly pictured below)

Jen, so deep and funny in her own way, reminds me so much of one of my favorite Artists – Ms. India Arie! Beverly, who’s Sisterlocks are five years old was so encouraging and so very confident within herself, shared the story of her sister giving her Sisterlocks as a birthday gift, what love! Blaqkofi, we were locked within two weeks of each other, she has such a sweet spirit and that hair of hers is so soft! Tiffany, who decided to go with Braidlocks, had them put in the day before meeting for brunch today and her hair was so pretty, can’t wait to see her in another year! She’s going to take off! Ok, if anyone wants color please talk to Karen she has the most beautiful hair color I've ever seen on locks.

I’m sure people eating were blinded by our flashes because we were constantly taking pictures at our table. The excitement was one to be desired!! Brunch was a great success and I look forward to the next gathering. We all decided that the next meeting should be scheduled in December for a nice holiday setting. (Karen pictured above left with the dy-no-mite hair color)

As we exited Blue Mesa, a table of young men and a female stopped us and wanted to know about our hair, there came another opportunity to market Sisterlocks. I must say, everyone was so down to earth that I truly felt a special bond with each locked individual. This was off the hook and I’m looking forward to our next jamboree! Oh one more I must not forget...... Marilyn!!! Wow, her gray locks were fierce! I can't wait to embrace my gray, they were so beautiful they sparkled from afar. You are the bomb Mariyln. (Pictured below)

Thanks everyone for accepting the invitation and especially thanks to Sandy for the LockItUp group. The LockItUp group allows us the opportunity to connect with one another for support through the process and Sisterlocks haircare advice. (Partial group of Sisterlockers)


brunsli said...

It looks like you had such fun! I wish I could have been there with you all!

Anonymous said...

I had a great time meetings, sharing, and hairing with all the ladies...

Your blog is strong, sista!!! I am truly blessed to have met ya!


BlaqKofi said...

LaChanda, thanks for getting the group together. It was almost a spiritual event - at least for me. Seeing all of my beautiful and diverse locked sisters, sharing, caring and having fun all on one accord - just awesome!

LaChanda I really connected with all of you. What a great feeling, being part of this sisterhood.

Anxious for December!