Monday, November 07, 2005


OK ladies, you asked for it and I've decided to put my vanity on the shelf and share what I'm going through with BUNCHING! Eeks! While I understand the process, it is the most unattractive thing about my locks. I aim to be a consistently neat person in appearance and my locking journey is fighting against my wishes. I must admit though, there are some days more than others that I secretly wish I had some "good ole beautiful extra tight curly hair" because it's the best for locking. My pics above show some of my many "bunched babies," I'm learning to accept them instead of change the way they look. This locking process in teaching me many things about me and my God given hair especially…. Patience!!!!

Go ahead click on any pic and see an up-close view of how my hair after washing just curls up each individual lock. I used to stretch each lock out after washing but it just crunches right back up after the next wash, so I've finally accepted this stage in my journey and will just wait and let nature run its course. Additionally, besides the bunching I also have the frizzes. The only way to control the two concerns is to wear braid outs. Braid outs give me a little help with my neatness because I have a crinkle or wavy look and the bunching and frizzes are minimized. Some of my locks as you can see are bumpy, lumpy and down right disobedient. They actually look like they don't belong with the others and the majority of my naughty bunched locks are located in the middle and back of my head. Ummm… The bunching stage is no easy task but my reason for adding the challenging stage to my blog is to support others that are experiencing the same stage and understanding that they are not alone. Shout out to my other Bunched sisters, “we will get though this!”

None the less, I am "still" ecstatic about my beautiful Sisterlocks and would not trade this experience for nothing in the world. I continue to play in my hair daily and can’t wait to take the retightening class. Most importantly, I feel beautiful even with my defiant "bunched babies." I come across a lot issues regarding sisters seeing their parts and scalp when they first get their Sisterlocks installed or even after retightenings. Well, my hair is super thick and you can't see my parts even when I pull my hair up or after retightening so I guess "bunching" had to be my challenge. I wonder if anyone has ever had a smooth locking journey without having to deal with bunching or scalp issues. Just a thought, anywho….. Regardless, no matter what your/our issue is, we should just allow time to work its course and trust our journey will be very rewarding.

Peace, Love and Soul!
Will be six months on Friday..


brunsli said...

I had the same issue -- and I thought it was due to having a relaxer on the end. I guess not, given you have it too. I think mine has gotten a lot better with time, Someone should compile all of LockItUp information into a book!

Detra said...

LaChanda your such a doll to share this, thanks a bunch (no pun, intended LOL), you know the saying when your afraid to ask a question ask anyway, because more then likely everyone else was wondering too, just too afraid to ask. You are such that brave one to step up and open the dialogue. Thanks again!

akatect24 said...

I think your locks are beautiful...I love the way they fall perfectly layered. It is so cute!!!

Jazzilocs said...

I know exactly what you are going thru!! For a long time I no idea this was bunching and I did not know what to do about it. Now I just let my locs do their thing. I have recently met w/ a consultant and she says she can groom the locs and prevent and maintain the bunched ends....we will see. Your locs are so beautiful and I am excited because they remind me a lot of my own re: texture, bunching, size, and number!!

AnitaC said...


I've got the same thing! Ahhhh, but based upon my consultant's hair (Marvella) I am going to hang in there! Her hair is gorgeous!

BTW add my link to your page, I'm going to add yours to mine.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your journey. As you know, my hair bunches as well... I decided to share your approach to patience. Time heals all wounds.

Your locks and your spirit look great:)

Blessings over flowing your cup!!!


Anonymous said...

Now that my hair totally natural Ive experienced the freedom !!!! As LaChanda stated you look in the mirror perm after perm and say, thats not me. To go from perm to natural I describe as " A CHANGE ON THE OUTSIDE AND A FREEDOM ON THE INSIDE." What a journey of the soul !!!!

Josalyn Knight said...

Hello LaChanda,

I just wanted to personally thank you for your whole write up on bunching. If it weren't for your detailed description on what it was, I would have never known what was going on with my 2 month old sisterlocks. I find your blog and this whole lock it up group very resourceful and I know if I cant get the answers from my consultant I can get it from you all.

Thank you so much,
J Knight

Queen Tiye said...

Thanks for the info on Bunching...very helpful