Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Five Weeks - First Retightening

My wash after the first retightening was a bit scary. I did not braid/band and I was too rough with my shampooing so some of my locks had knots in them. After a couple of days they were fine. Overall, I am still very pleased and excited with each stage.

I'm free-styling for now, just letting it do it's own thing. Maybe, I'll venture out when I'm feeling the vibe to do so.


Marcello & Chicco said...

Your hair looks great! Congratulations on a wonderful start to your journey.

Faithfulocs said...

Thank you for sharing. Love your blog, and your locks are so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I really like them. You've been on your way to doing this for a long time.....love 'em....Paul R.

Anonymous said...

I love you hair! I will one day get some of my own.

P.S. You are just trying to be cute. Just kidding.

Your Sis, ladyl

Anonymous said...

Hi LaChanda!!

Thanks for this email! You know how excited I am to discuss natural hair. I love finding out about the process of getting sister locks. Who knows...maybe one day I'll join you!

Adrienne M.