Thursday, June 16, 2005

Three Weeks

Wow, what a significant difference! It has been three weeks and I've had my first wash, the running water felt great going through my parts. My new consultant, Elaine Hill, braided/banded my hair, washed it and retightened while it was still damp. It felt much better getting retightened while damp as opposed to getting my Sisterlocks put in with dry hair.

Elaine then twisted my hair into Bantu Knots and I took down the next morning. What I've noticed is a fuller head of hair and hair that looks a lot like micro braids. I'm anxious to see what my SL's will look like by the end of the year 2005.


Wanda said...

LaChanda, Elaine in Dallas was one of my favorite consultants when I lived there. She's the best. Please send her my regards. I always loved that she washed your hair prior to retightening and I used to get the bantu knots done too. So nice to have a curly style and the ability to put your hair up during the hot summer months. Enjoy your SLs, they look gorgeous.

Nickie_Bast said...

WOW! They really look great only after 3 weeks. I can't wait to have my SL's put in!!!! Thank you so much LaChanda for creating this blog. The pics really encourages me to stick with getting the SLs.