Friday, May 27, 2005

First Day - Sisterlocks Completed

SL's completed after four days and 60 hours! Yesssss! Thanks Bridget Goupou!


Jeanette said...

My name is Jeanette. I am LaChanda's Aunt. I went natural about six months ago. My hair is not as thick as LaChanda's. I am thinking of getting the sisterlocks, however, I have thin, fine hair, and I am concerned that I'll look like a wet chicken (laugh). Perhaps someone who also had thin, fine hair with sister locks could send a picture as a testimony to assist me in making my decision.

brunsli said...

60 hours! Mine was 32 to start. I had only three inches or so done down the hair strand since the rest was relaxed....Aunt Jeanette, there are lots of photos of women with lots of different hair textures and thicknesses at

Detra said...

did you have your sisterlocks done here in DFW, and if so, who did them. They are great looking, and your blog along with Maryee's have made me consider sistah locs.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

I would have emailed you directly but I don't see your email address. Well, yes I did get my SL's installed in Dallas, Bridget in Plano 214.497.3006 put them in and Elaine Hill maintains my retightenings 214.956.7842. Let me know if you have more questions.

Detra said...

I do have more questions at your leisure.

Nickie_Bast said...

Girl, I know you were soooo happy after you got your gorgeous locks!!!!! I''m excited for you! But question, how and why in the world did you go from this length to the length in your recent pics of your SL's? What happened? Feel free to e-mail me or if you have MSN, add me to your list and IM me:

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Hi Nickie,
Girl, I know just call me crazy or something. I think
since I turned 40 I've made some wild decisions
including cutting my hair.

Really though, I believe it was completely due to the
bunching. Even with no perm and 100% natural
bone-na-fied hair I had terrible bunching and my ends
looked a mess. So I cut all that stuff off to get a
fresh look.

At any rate, I make my year next month and due to the
cutting the lenght is no where in sight, but my locks
are definitely maturing.

Welcome home and I look forward to following your

BTW, I have yahoo so I can't dd you to my IM. Keep in

Anonymous said...


Simply love you sisterlocks! Are you sporting the micro size?