Saturday, July 23, 2005

Two Months

I finally made my two month anniversary!. This picture was taken after I braided/banded and washed it. It is just about dry at the roots. I can't believe how much I love my Sisterlocks!!! The only disappointment I have is that many people don't believe this is "all" of my own natural hair. I'm getting questions like... "what kind of hair did you add to your braids?" Ugh!! I can't wait until my locks begin to mature so that my hair really looks like locks instead of micro braids. Other than that I am still lovin my exodus.

Peace Out! (Click on the picture to see a closer view)


Anonymous said...

Hey LaChanda,

It's me Tamari! Your locks are absolutely gorgeous and SO are you!!! You really do look like a movie star in this picture, I must say!

But I have some bad news to break to you. Even after your locks mature you will probably still get those comments/questions about whether or not it is "all your hair." I get them to this day and I'm 4 1/2 years locked! Don't let it bother you, just take it on as an opportunity to shock them when you say, "oh no honey, this is all me!"

I'm loving this site and wishing I had taken the time to do something like this! I don't even remember what my locks looked like when first put in!

You're an inspiration girl!

Luv, T

BlaqKofi said...

LaChanda, congratulations on your two month anniversary! Your locks are absolutely gorgeous! Just imagine how much more beautiful they'll be after they mature. Beautiful pictures and a great Blog. I'll continue to watch your progress.

Stay strong,
Stay natural...

Shayla said...

LaChanda I have been following your blog and I must say your hair is beautiful!!!! Kepp up the informative blog and maybe one day I will start one too :)
Sl'ed 23 months and lovin every minute of it!!!