Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Took A Huge Bite Out of That Apple!

It did not bite me back but whew.....I need major rest!!. Stay tuned for my NYC posts. Had I stayed one more day I would have had to be hospitalized! LOL!! This was one my best trips ever especially traveling with my two good friends, GRITS and my Sisterlock Sisters.

I'll be back soon.....need some zzzzzzzzzzzzz's!


Brenda said...

Get Up, Girl! Everyone's beating you to the post. Even I posted to my Fotki album, and I didn't get back to Philly til 4am! I'm dying to see everyone's pictures so I can remember everyone's name and face. Who's planning the next get-together??? It was great to meet you.


brunsli said...

Are you really back in Dallas? I wouldn't be surprised if you stayed in New York, blogging from Harlem. ;)

Sister-in-Locks said...

Come on gurl. I can't wait any longer for those pics!!!!