Friday, June 16, 2006

A Harlem Sisterlock Consultant

We ventured out and took the subway to Harlem. While strolling down Lenox Avenue, my friend Angela spotted a Sisterlock sign in a Salon window, well I made a quick detour to meet the Consultant.

Her name is Valerie and she had the most beautiful four month old locks I'd ever seen! Her daughter shown on the bottom left is 10 and her 7 month old Sisterlocks were stunning as well. She gave me permission to show pics on my blog.

Anyone in the New York area looking for a Consultant? If so, you would want to contact Valarie at 212.222.5895, she is located at 371 Lenox Avenue, Between 128th and 129th St. The Salon name is Acres of Diamonds Natural Hair Salon.

Shout out to ya Valerie and thanks for taking pics with me! Posted by Picasa

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BlaqKofi said...

Wouldn't it be cool to stroll a find a SL consultant in the DF'Dub. I can only imagine how cool that was!