Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet Mrs. Vickie

Mrs. Vickie and I met at one of our favorite pass times....Costco! She and her sister who also wears locks were strolling through when we all made eye contact and instantly complimented each other on our locks. From there is was on!

I've retightened her traditional locks several times now and she is such a delight to spend time talking to while taking care of our lock business. You'll never guess her age and she'll kill me if I even tried to speak me she should be proud cause she really takes good care of herself and she definitely does not look her age. You go Mrs. Vickie!!!

Love YA!
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Anonymous said...

How long has Mrs. Vickie been locked? Her locks are gorgeous!!!!

Ms Stella said...

Mrs. Vickie and her locks are gorgeous! She needs to start a blog.

Detra said...

LOL...too funny, you're a Costco junkie too! Her locs are very nice and her skin is flawless, at least get her to share that secret!

Lakia said...

Her traditionals are really beautiful

Anonymous said...

Do you palm roll or use the nappy lock tool for maintenance on her locks? They look fabu!

Creyole said...

Hey ladies - questions answered

Mrs. Vickie has been locked for 7 years and I use the nappy tool to retighten her hair.

I agree, her skin is the bomb!