Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Guess Where This Is??

It's a small corner in my place of refuge! Yep, since I am certified to do natural hair, love maintaining locks and starting new heads I decided to get a little spot so that I can keep my home private. The two pics on my wall of "Lock Fame" are the two people I started with Nappy Locs. More wall of fame pics to come as I venture off into lockdom.

There is also a pic close to the TV that shows ladies wearing Sisterlocks TM, which I do maintain. It's so crazy because I am actually turning people away since this is a semi hobby and I only do it maybe twice a week in my spare time.

Here's what my last locked sistah wrote: "Creyole I did not want to bother you telephonically, I know you have a busy life with your family. I must let you know when I finally took the hair down I thought it was as gorgeous as I have ever saw my locks. I can't wait to get it done again. The braids were so nice and cool, I wore those a few days,and you helped me in more than one way, since the surgeries in the last 6 months. After my hair I got my nails and toes done. But thank you so much. I will be contacting you right before the first."

We met in a store admiring each others locks and after I became certified she asked if would maintain hers. Now, I am very selective because I do not like drama but she had a very sweet spirit and we had a blast hanging together. Her email to me alone does my heart some good knowing I actually made someone feel beautiful in their locks. I must admit I did an awesome job on her 7 year old locks...shooow did! Maybe, she will let me take a picture of her next time.

Anyway, just wanted you all to know I am having fun in my spare time maintaining locks!!!! Not sure how long my excitement will last but for the most part I am in it for a minute!

More to come ~a dedication to Brunsli for her awesome support throughout the process!
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muslimahlocs said...

be careful! doing OPH can become addictive, especially since it can be ssssssssoooooo rewarding.

Cluizel said...

awww...congrats! That's so good that you have to turn people away already! (well...not good for the people who are getting turned away)


Goodnapps said...

Absolutely fantastic.

KDL said...

I am so proud of you. You set out to do something and made it happen. You've inspired me!

Many Blessings,

Chi-chi said...

Hey business/supportive lady! Congrats I'm so excited that you got your own spot. You're truly blessing others with your good works!


Sister-in-Locks said...

Congrats I am so very proud. I may have to beg to be squeezed in.

BTW - I need an appointment for my daughter for braids. :-)

brunsli said...

How lovely! If it weren't for the long commute, I'd book a standing monthly session. Or maybe even every two weeks!

Chosen Vessel said...

That's wonderful. All the best to you :)

Yolanda said...

Congratulations!!! How wonderful to be embarking on your dream :)

Detra said...

all I can say is....can I get a seat? LOL...Congrats!