Sunday, November 19, 2006

Why Won't They LOCK?????

Some of my babies just give me the blues. Here I am 1 1/2 years into my lock Exodus and still I have several that just won't act right.

I guess they are not giving into me no matter how often I retighten them or give much attention so.....I'm going to leave well enough alone and just let them be.

Whoever said locking takes patience.....was most certainly correct!!

Lately, I've been free styling and allowing them to go any direction they so please. Maybe I'll get the holiday bug and do a little styling sometime soon. Regardless. I must admit I still love my locks!!!

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Chosen Vessel said...


I too have decided to go free-style to give my hair and arms a rest from all of the twisting, braiding, and rolling.

Regarding the length of time to fully lock. It took some of my locks over 1 1/2 years to fully lock and after 40 months I am still suspect about a few of them but my loctician says that I am fully locked and matured. That is one of the reasons I am going to wait on coloring because I am concerned about those "semi-mature" locks that look just like the picture of the lock your holding in this post.
Hang in there and just continue to enjoy your locks because you still look MARVELOUS DARLING :)


Naturalist1 said...

Acutally, I was gonna do a blog on this topic. I, too, have the same problem. It will be 15 months for me in December and the front of my hair is not locked. It is very frustrating for me. So I'm just gonna keep on being patient and hopefully they will lock soon. Your hair still look gorgeous.

Goodnapps said...

hmmmm...guess we all are going through this stage? You look so darn good in a freestyle as well, no need to style if you don't wanna.

KDL said...

Thought I'd chime in on this one...even after 3 years (37 months to be exact) I still have quite a few locks that simply won't do anything. Some still unravel, others seem to be caught in this weird pre-locking stage. I know a lot of it has to do with hair texture, but I also think its just the nature of sisterlocks. It doesn't matter though, you're hair is coming along just beautifully! Trust me, as time goes on you'll realize its simply all good.

Take Care,

brunsli said...

As you know, I still have locks that keep unlocking and one lock that won't (after almost 3 years). Just hang in there -- I'm with KLW -- your locks look great as-is!

Anonymous said...

Like Brunsli & KLWright, my locks are 3 years old & I have a small patch in the back on the left hand side that is not locked. I think it's about 15 that are in resistance. I think it is the European in me fighting against the African, who will win.?.?.?

funmi said...

LaChanda, Your locks are bee-oo-tifull!!
Freestyling defintely works for you. One day I hope to be able to say the same for my locks.