Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Called 911 Today

Looks are very deceiving! When you first view this photo it appears that the lady is helping a man in his wheel chair, right? WRONG!

Let me explain. After having lunch with a couple of co-workers, we were walking back to the office when we ran into these two people. The deranged white lady in the green shirt was cussing and beating the Hispanic man in the head with her fist. She then took his wheel chair and ran him into a building then off the side walk and into oncoming traffic. One of his legs was in a cast and the other had blood all over it. She was literally trying to harm him.

Finally, the rubber from the wheel came off his wheel chair and she was trying to put it back on so she could continue on her stir crazy journey. People walked past them as if nothing was happening and we just could not leave him alone with her.

I immediately whipped out my cell phone and called 911. I was hysterical on the phone with the operator and every time the lady punched the man in the face I would yell and scream to the operator to hurry up and send someone. Finally, she calmed "me" down enough so I could give her the location and description of the two.

We had no idea if these two people knew each other or not, it appeared to us that she just started picking on him. Obviously, she was mentally ill and the man did not deserve the abuse he was receiving. He kept saying, someone help me, she's trying to kill me!!!

Five minutes later the police and ambulance arrived, I and two others gave witness to the incident and she continued to talk real crazy and get aggressive the officers. They handcuffed her and sat her on the ground. After answering the officer’s questions I added "you all need to lock her up before she kills someone!" Then, she and her demonic strength got up off the ground while three officers were holding her and she came up to me and spat in my face. All, I heard was the crowd go....... UGH!!!! Now, this is the one thing I have often said I would never allow anyone to get away with. Never say never!

I was so mad at myself............... because I did not move fast enough to get out of the way of her flying DNA...it just happened too fast! I know there is a God because it took God and ALL the heavenly angels to restrain my will to punch this lady smack in the face. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and I realized it was not worth causing additional drama to the scene by having the both of us handcuffed and given a free ride down to the county jail in the same car. I must admit her eyes were void and I am a scary cat when it comes to mental illness so the further away I was from her the better.

The officers covered her face with a mask and handed me towels to wipe off with. By this time there were now 7 officers at the scene. Needless to say, after completing the police statement for the Hispanic mans court case I went right over to CVS and bought alcohol, cotton swabs, toothpaste and a toothbrush. I must have swabbed my entire face, my face powder was no more and I didn't want to even drink water with my own lips. Oh Lord help me!!!

My day was over and I could not wait to get home to my shower. I felt like I had been in a fight with the devil himself.

After reflecting on the painful journey, I'd do it all over again knowing I did not have to hear/see on the 6:00 news that the same deranged lady had killed a man in a wheel chair.

I carry my camera daily for hair features on my blog and I could not resist using it for this situation. I hate I did not get a better photo but I was a nervous reck while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Those five minutes seemed like an eternity and I'll be taking my lunch to work for the remainer of this week and maybe next week too.

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Bygbaby said...

OMG!!! I gasped when I saw she spat on in your face, I can only image what ran through your mind. That was a hot mess. Sometimes keeping you cool hurts at least form me but you did the right thing flat out; why catch a case because her ass is off the chain.

Relax Relate RELEASE.


Bygbaby said...

Me again, it is easy to say what I would have done but acting on it is another story when the time comes.

If I had control of myself, I would have punched her or if a him in the throat as I screamed, never mind who you thought I was, I'm Rick James B*&^%


Detra said...

OMG gurl....first let me say, big up's to you for getting involved!!! As it was apparent by the others walking by, WE as a society do not get involved enough! Me being one, I have the "it aint none of my business attitude" BUT your caring, and courageous demeanor, saved a life today, it is possible she would have caused his death. So you SHOULD be very proud of yourself. And although I am a hot head myself, YOU were very very smart to keep your cool and not knock her butt to the ground, because irregardless to the fact that she spat on you, you would have went down for assault and that would have followed you for the rest of your life! SO, in the end YOU did everything right, and I am proud of you! I think you should file assault charges on her for spitting on you though. The more charges she faces, maybe they will put her away for a long time. Dont wipe color off your face! LOL...if you are anything like me, you'll be wiping your face for the next 6 months....agggrrhhh the nasty crazy %&$#%%

Cluizel said...

Oh my goodness...I gasped when I read that she spat in your face too!!!

I'm so sorry...ugh...ill...I am so anal I would STILL be scrubbing my face! I don't know what I would have done...I know I would have been in shock and I hope the police would have stepped in front of me before I could realize what happen...ugh.

Chi-chi said...

Girrrlllllll. . .(said in sistah speak). It is a blessing to have faith in God, because what would have started with a slap/punch would have ended with you in the paddy wagon. Thank you for not standing by and doing something. It seems like people don't want to deal with "drama" when its obvious that someone should step in. Thank goodness you were there. Don't worry about her DNA, you definitely cleaned it off with the alcohol (:

brunsli said...

LaChanda! You are a heroine! You may have saved the man's life. I'm proud to know you.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

You make me laugh, both of you are missing your calling as comedians!

Thanks for your supportive words of kindness!

I detoxed my hair and scrubbed my face so much last night...today I look like I have Rosacea.

Chosen Vessel said...


I thank God for people like you! Too many times in life we ignore what is going on around us if it does not affect us, but you showed true courage. It is a very courageous thing that you did. I know God gave you the strength to help that poor man in the wheelchair. I really do not know what I would have done, but I would hope that I would rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me and the strength of God to move me into action.

Thanking God for you today and everyday!

Sister-in-Locks said...

My friend. I hope to think I would have done the same and called the police. I commend you for stepping up for people in need. I can't believe that folks become so complacent to their surroundings and don't want to get involved. I understand this can be very easy to do when you are downtown with alot of indigent people. Praise God you stood up for him. I am glad the cops got there as soon as they did. Unfortunately I don't think her actions can be classified as assault for you to bring a charge unless you show she caused you pain. You did do the right thing and you were fighting evil that day. Just remember you have the full amour of God protecting you.

Sisterlock Adoration said...


It's amazing how prevalent the mental illness is in our society, and yet as you witnessed, so many people are willing to ignore the problem. It's truly unfortunate. I commend your calm rationality in the face of such senseless irrationality. I can imagine (in my super active imagination) what it felt like to have someone's spit (crazy or not) trickling down my face, and it makes my flesh crawl. In the words of Bygbaby, I definitely threw upin my mouth a little just thinking about it. God bless you girl as you work to get past this tramatic situation!

Sister-in-Locks said...

On second thought,

You could probably get her on battery charges. Maybe that way, as someone mentioned, she will get the help she obviously needs.

Take care as I know you are trying to put this behind you.

lashaune said...

OMG! I am so proud of you my sista you obiviously cares about what happens to people and It's a shame how people could just walk on by like nothing is happening Kudos to you! Wow that is so nasty for one to make it up in there crazy mind to spit on someone else MAN, Now as far as spitting in my face I don't know If I would of had Self control like you my sista I know I would've been in jail waiting for my family to bail me out! Good for you helping that gentlemen out!

Goodnapps said...

Lord have mercy!! Girl, you did such a brave and self-less thing by calling the cops. But indeed being a good Samaritan does sometimes have a price. I am definitely in disgust this happened to you. But I am proud of you.

KDL said...

Wow. I am almost too stunned for words. As a person who works with intellectually disabled individuals, I'd like to thank you for calling the police and for having to endure what is undoubtedly one of the most horrific and disgusting things I could ever even imagine having to endure. I know you did the right thing, I would have done the same. God bless you for that and as many have already said you may have just saved a life.

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

I must say...it's wonderful to have such a heart felt lock family, Each of you have truly blessed my spirit with your words of encouragement and comedy. i'm so much better today, actually I'm very well.

Thanks again!

Tra said...

Dear dear woman,

What you did was a blessing to the assailant and the victim. I used to work downtown so I know that the homeless and mentally ill are numerous down there.

I pray that I would have done the EXACT same thing that you did to help that man. As for the disgusting act of the woman she is completely sick and deranged and you don't fight that physically you fight that spiritually and that is what you did.

Now stop with detox (hair and face) before you cause harm to that beautiful skin you have!

Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Thanks for the advice and I've put down all the scrubbing, I'm over it now. lol

jaiDalon said...

I don't know you, but I am very proud of you for your courage. I would like to think that I could be so brave in a similar situation. That was truely God moving through you because when something like that happens there is nothing you can do except let God use you. And as far as the spitting goes... I too have said that that is the ONE thing I could never let someone get away with but you know what? You didn't have to do anything because you are a child of God and that means that your enemies will be taken care of. The focus of that day should be the life that you saved and THAT id the blessing. You go girl!

Jena Evans said...

Blessed are the peace keepers, sister, and blessed are those who are persecuted for His Sake.


Akire2332 said...

Girl I can't believe that happened.
I'm glad you had the guts to call 911.

I saw 20/20 or Nightline when they showed staged confrontations and violence. Many looked but did nothing.
A few yelled at the agressor but kept going. A hand full
like yourself stopped, called 911 or actually got invlolved.
God bless you.

cheleskilove said...

it doesnt even matter what anyone but you did. Because the spirit used YOU. You were obedient and the rest is HIS story.....good job! get checked, girl.I've worked with HIV blood before and had an accident and kept up with follow ups to make sure I'm ok.

Maryee said...

Hey LaChanda,

I read this earlier in the week and things have slown down slightly for me to respong. I'm like the others in that I gasped also when I read the post. I was like, "What???" Deep is all I can say. Glad you had your camera ready. I pray that the Spirit continues to lead you wherever you go. Stay strong and keep modeling fortitude and courage for us. Much love and peace!

Nikki said...

La Chanda,
I am a newbie to SL. My appoint to get them is in October I can not wait!!

I could not pass the opportunity to comment...of the many people who stood by and watched this man (regardless of his status, race or situation) get beat down by that woman...I am so glad that you acted so quickly. You are a very strong woman, chile the thought of having another "human-being" spit in my face, makes my jaw tense just thinking of it! Girl, the devil alive and busy!!

Sharon said...

I would have done the same thing you did. Thank God you acted fast and the police arrived quickly. I'm sure that your call for help saved that man's life. Hopefully, that woman is getting the mental help she desperately needs.
God bless you!

Natacha said...

LaChanda you did the right thing. I would have been just as emotional because I don't like to see injustice in general, especially to someone that's disabled!

I don't know that I would have been able to resist spitting back or kicking her though. You showed the restraint that was necessary though because it would have simply escalated from there and you didn't need to be a part of the fray.

Kudos to you for handling this situation like a mature adult and a caring person helping another.

Regarding your cleaning your face, I am with you, I don't know that I would have been able to function until I took a shower and kept cleaning my face.. Out damn spot.. LOL.