Wednesday, September 29, 1999

My press when feeling lazy

This is my press, worn when I was feeling lazy and just did not want to tackle my thick bush. Poor Ms. Ceola would smoke up the entire salon pressing out my hair. The other stylists would give us dirty looks because they could not understand why she still offered press and curls. The really weird thing was when I wore the press I would feel like I was "selling out." I know it sounds crazy but I would style it, look in the mirror and say to myself "this is not even me."

After my two week time was up and ready for a wash (since I did pay for it) I would wash that straight stuff out and ..........exhale!


jen said...

Hey LaChanda,

Just looking at some of your early posts. This one is funny. Reminds me of when my mom would press my hair.

It would take about an hour because I was her little play doll. After hard pressing and pulling my hair, she'd whip out the hot curling irons and go at it until my hair felt like silky cotton in tight curls. Then the worse part would happen... she would take the curls at the front of my ear and twist them and pull them down like something off a Supreme's album cover. I hated hated hated it. It just was not me.

Hope you have a good, worry-free day.

Be Blessed!


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Ha! Oh, do I remember those days, thank God they are over!!!